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The easy way to start painting with oil!

Learn the basics of painting with oil and create your own exquisite masterpieces.

Painting is more than just placing shapes and colours on a canvas, it is a mode of expression, a tool for self-development and building up confidence. Perhaps I could add, most of all it is an art form.

Much like any art form, painting is for everyone. That’s what this course is all about.

You might have been thinking for years, one day, I would like to paint with oil and see if I can do it. Here I am to destroy the well-known myth: “You need to be born with a special talent to be able to paint" I believe painting is for everyone and I have proven it over the years with my tried and tested tuition.

Not everyone aims to become a professional artist as their ultimate goal. Some would like to inspire their friends and family or to create a beautiful gift for their loved ones. Most of all, many would like to develop a lifetime occupation or hobby that will bring priceless rewards and satisfaction in years to come.

If you are looking for a solid technical base for your project, this course is designed for you. The content is divided into short step-by-step demonstrations making the learning process easy to follow. I went through years of research and practice learning the hard way by myself. This 8 week course would have saved me so much precious time. This is why I am very happy to share it with you to fast track the learning process and get an instant result.

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Marcel has been exploring for years the power of oil paint.

His knowledge of the technique has been applied to a vast variety of subjects. From landscape to portrait, flowers, seascape, water reflections, Marcel has also explored the exciting world of abstraction and surrealism.

What you will learn in his fundamental course, you could apply in any style of painting you wish. The freedom you acquire when you can control your medium with ease is the key to unlock your ultimate forms of expression and creativity.